Premier Carports Solar works closely with project managers, business owners, and builders to design and manufacture solar energy carports and trellis systems that maximize the financial benefits of today's solar incentives.  ​​

Advantages of Solar carports and structural trellis systems:​

1) Government Rebates & Tax Credits

2) Utilizing Parking areas in addition to existing building roofs, solar carports can vastly increase the overall energy production of your solar project.

3) Designed to encourage businesses to utilize solar, these incentives help to pay for a substantial portion of the total solar carport system cost.

4) Solar carports Utilize existing parking areas without sacrificing valuable real estate.

5) Create a “green” image, letting your clients see that your company or organization cares about the environment

6) Solar trellis and solar carport structures require little to no maintenance and allow easy access to panels for service and repair.

7) Achieve LEED certification